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The following CDs are available for sale. We currently accept payment in the form of checks only. The CDs will be shipped promptly upon receipt of payment.(We hope to add Credit card support in near future.) Please contact us if you have any questions.

Introducing Mahesh Kale

Album of Indian Classical Vocal Music. Launched by SaReGaMa.

Gaay Bhoopali Sakal
Sakhi Man Lagena and Tarana
Daro Na Mope Rang
For sale on SaReGaMa website


This CD presents some of the evergreen natyageet and abhangs by composer Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. Sung by Mahesh Kale. Launched by SaReGaMa.

Muralidhar Shyam
Sukhache Je Sukh
Ghei Chhanda
Sant Bhar Pandharit
Nako Visru Sanket Milanacha
For sale on SaReGaMa website

Adhvan...a journey into Indian Classical Music

This CD presents live recording from the 'Basant Bahar Music Festival' held in San Francisco Bay Area on August 13, 2005.

Raga Rageshree
Raga Sohni
Raga Hindol Bahar
$ 12.00 / Rs. 300


This CD presents live recording of 'NatyaSaurabh', a concert of natyageet held in San Francisco Bay Area on October 5th, 2003.

Devagharache Dnyat Kunala
Ghei Chhanda Makaranda
Kata Rute Kunala
Surat Piya Ki
Kaivalyacha Chandanyala
$ 12.00 / Rs. 300

Prarambh...the beginning

Mahesh's first CD of Indian Classical Music recorded in Santa Barbara in 2004.

Raga Rageshree
Raga Yaman
Meera Bhajan
Tabla Solo
$ 12.00 / Rs. 300
Out of Stock

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